Animal Crossing New Leaf 100 Day Countdown Challenge

Here it is everybody.  A 100 day challenge on Animal Crossing to help us count down the time to June 9th/June 14th. Posts for those waiting for June 9th should start on March 1st and those waiting for June 14th should start on March 6th.

Without further ado, here are the 100 posts to Animal Crossing New Leaf:

  1. How did you start playing Animal Crossing?
  2. What was the name of your first town and why?
  3. Favorite neighbor(s)
  4. Least favorite neighbor(s)
  5. Favorite character (e.g. Tom Nook, Mayor Tortimer)
  6. Least favorite character (e.g. Tom Nook, Mayor Tortimer)
  7. Tell us about a nice animal crossing memory.
  8. Favorite season
  9. Least favorite season
  10. Favorite activity (bug catching, fishing, fossil digging, etc)
  11. Least favorite activity (bug catching, fishing, fossil digging, etc)
  12. Favorite fruit
  13. Least favorite fruit
  14. Tell us about a time you wanted or did reset the game.
  15. Favorite flower
  16. Least favorite flower
  17. Favorite bug
  18. Least favorite bug
  19. Favorite fish
  20. Least favorite fish
  21. Which version of Animal Crossing is the best and why?
  22. Favorite fossil set
  23. Least favorite fossil set
  24. Favorite painting/piece of art
  25. Least favorite painting/piece of art
  26. Favorite museum exhibit
  27. Least favorite museum exhibit
  28. What do you look forward to most in Animal Crossing New Leaf?
  29. Favorite piece of furniture
  30. Least favorite piece of furniture
  31. Favorite furniture set
  32. Least favorite furniture set
  33. Favorite wallpaper
  34. Least favorite wallpaper
  35. What are you going to name your New Leaf town?
  36. Favorite carpet
  37. Least favorite carpet
  38. Favorite K.K. Song
  39. Least favorite K.K. Song
  40. Favorite hourly music
  41. Least favorite hourly music
  42. Which shop in New Leaf are you most excited about?
  43. Favorite holiday
  44. Least favorite holiday
  45. Favorite shirt
  46. Least favorite shirt
  47. Favorite hat
  48. Least favorite hat
  49. If you made a themed town, what would it be?
  50. Half way point, how is the wait going?
  51. Favorite accessory (glasses, mustaches, etc.)
  52. Least favorite accessory (glasses mustaches, etc.)
  53. Favorite hairstyle
  54. Least favorite hairstyle
  55. Favorite grass (stars, triangles, squares, circles)
  56. Least favorite grass (stars, triangles, squares, circles)
  57. Post a QR code you are excited to use
  58. What do you want your native fruit to be?
  59. What kind of pants do you want to wear?
  60. What kind of shoes do you want to wear?
  61. What town do you plan on visiting via dream mansion first?
  62. How do you want to design the outside of your house?
  63. What community projects do you want to build?
  64. What new furniture set are you excited about?
  65. What new clothing are you excited about?
  66. What new neighbors are you excited about?
  67. What new shop owners are you excited about?
  68. How did you feel when you heard about Animal Crossing 3ds?
  69. Give us another nice animal crossing memory
  70. Have you ever completed any museum exhibits? Which ones?
  71. What are you gonna make your town tune?
  72. What kind of photo op displays do you want to make?
  73. Acres (gamecube version) or Pin world (every version since)
  74. Gamecube hourly music or DS/Wii hourly music?
  75. Which fortune cookie prizes are you excited about?
  76. Have you been waiting for Animal Crossing to get a 3DS?
  77. Are you sharing the game or keeping it to yourself?
  78. How are you gonna design your character? (face, hair, eyes)
  79. Favorite spring activity
  80. Favorite summer activity
  81. Favorite autumn activity
  82. Favorite winter activity
  83. What is a feature you would add to Animal Crossing?
  84. Area you’re most excited about (shops, island, happy neighborhood, etc)
  85. How will you design the second floor of the museum?
  86. Do you plan on blogging about your towns progress?
  87. Favorite villager personality
  88. Least favorite villager personality
  89. Favorite new species of villager
  90. Favorite conversation you’ve had with a villager
  91. Favorite species of villager
  92. Least favorite species of villager
  93. Favorite emotion
  94. Least favorite emotion
  95. What are you going to name your character?
  96. How has the Animal Crossing series affected your life?
  97. Favorite Animal Crossing blog
  98. Who do you hope will live in your town?
  99. What goals do you hope to achieve as mayor?
  100. It’s the day before New Leaf, how do you feel?

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